Art Exhibition Bldg

We were commissioned to explore programming for this landmarked industrial 15,000sf building that is being converted to exhibition galleries and offices. In our analysis of the building's reuse, we discovered the remnants of the building's previous incarnations, the block-and-tackle system and the second floor gantry which all contribute to the steampunk feel of the building. The superstructure, thick masonry walls, and concrete encased steel beams, give character to the interior spaces. We proposed to retrofit the building for energy-efficiency and museum archival quality which will require extensive work to maintain the landmarked industrial steel single-paned windows. The galleries are to be located at each of the four floors and extensive landscaping for sculpture at the ground level and rooftop. We proposed two building scheme layouts for the initial programming phase; the Box in Box and the Piano Nobile.

Credits: Fabrica Studio Architecture (previous joint firm btwn Julie Torres Moskovitz and Melissa Cicetti).

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