Build It Back NYC

We are working on two residential projects with the NYC Build It Back Program in Canarsie Brooklyn. One that is being Elevated above the Design Flood Elevation as per FEMA and another single-family detached home that is a reconstruction project. FNA team includes: Julie Torres Moskovitz, Erika Schmitt, Esther Chang, Maggie Kirk, Laura Trevino, and Amanda Waal. We are part of a team with WXY Studio.

Here is a photo of an existing home being lifted. Cribbing is visible as they slowly lift the home to its final height. New helical piles, grade beams, and perimeter foundations are going in. The home is being elevated 5ft and will be moved further back on to its lot. Here are also some studies of local vernacular homes and urban streetscape in Canarsie Brooklyn.

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