East River State Park

Our collaborative design for the East River State Park was a winner of a 2010 Merit Award from the NY Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects for Unbuilt Projects. This project was featured in an article titled "Beyond the Familiar: The Search for Urban Space in New York City," TOPOS. The three winning teams of an original Williamsburg Waterfront State Park Competition sponsored by Williamsburg grassroots groups in 2005, have been working together to promote a sustainable, innovative, and fun park design for the unique piece of open space located along the East River between N7 and N9th on Kent Avenue. This State Park design is organized around 3 objectives: waterfront access and stabilization, community, art, and educational features, and sustainable technologies.

Award: 2010 ASLA NY Merit Award

Credits: Collaboration with Allison Duncan, Sarah Ludington, Petra Mager, Gareth Mahon and Stephanie Saulmon, and Julie Torres Moskovitz. FNA production team responsible for the renderings, presentation plans and diagrams: J Torres Moskovitz (prjt manager), Abigail Coover and Cara Solomon.

A Building to Showcase Sustainable Technologies

A Master Plan Priortizing Community Stewardship, Waterfront Access, and Sustainable Technologies.

Exposing the Industrial Heritage

Dunes Carve Out Gathering Spaces

Floating Islands Showcase Alternative Energy

Floating Islands Create Ecological Habitats

Benchmark Water Meters

Experiencing Natural Systems Up Close

A Working Landscape: Native Vegetation Filtering Rainwater Runoff

The design maintains waterfront access, a precious resource in New York City. It provides for a natural coastline while making access safe and inviting. It retains secluded zones for plant life, nesting animals, and community users.

The design creates a role for the community through ongoing stewardship of the park while adding opportunities for expression through art. The park also serves as a learning tool for socially and ecologically sustainable design.

Every element in the park has been vetted for its sustainable approach to design, construction, and use. Many features openly highlight the vanguard of sustainable thinking and technology and will act as a showcase for future city and state parks as these principles resonate through every part of the design including its form, materials, plantings, and technologies.

New entrance points and pathways allow for full use of the park including areas that are currently underutilized.

Existing Features Documented and Case Studies Collected

Brochures and Presentations for the Community, Local Politicians, and New York State Park.

Our community involvement led to creating an annual event for our son and other families called the Pumpkin Palooza which offered marching bands, free pumpkins for carving and painting and community fun!

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