H&P Agency

This branding agency's offices moved from Soho to this modernist 1959 building in Midtown. While the 19th floor has ample square footage (15,000sf), it was overcrowded and crammed with heavy wood paneling and private offices. We saw from the modernist ribbon windows with 360 degree views of the UN Building and the Chrystler that this space had lots of potential. The client requested open offices with a series of meeting rooms, an event space, and smaller "breakout" areas for informal idea sessions. We also created a state-of-the-art Viewing Facility for research. The project scope included interior retrofit,  custom millwork, graphics, prototype systems, and furnishings.

The Viewing Facility includes a Focus Group Room, Viewing Room, and VIP Lounge along with a waiting area. The Viewing Room features a large one-way glass divider that is soundproofed and an AV system allows for the recording and listening of intimate Focus Group room discussions. The facilities are for client focus group research and the space can be rented as well for outside agencies to use. We worked with Acoustic Engineers and AV Consultants to perfect the performance of the Facilities. We also specified and designed custom furniture components for the space. 

CREDITS: Collaboration with Corey Yurkovich. Graphics: WSDIA. Photographs by Sean Hemmerle and Floto + Warner.


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