NYC Bin Design DSNY

Here is our design for a reinvented trash bin for NYC - for the Dept of Sanitation. DSNY held a competition in Fall 2018 for a new bin design. We worked in coordination with metal worker Martel Fabrication to work on a concept that met the many competition requirements (weight, size, pulls, height, stackability, etc) while also benefiting from the advancements in water-jet cutting technology. The last time the NYC bin was updated was in the 1930's. We feel our redesign, in 2018, incorporates the latest technology to reduce the weight of the bin and engineered to use less material while the design is also as iconic as a sewer cap, a street light, a subway entry. 

Note: we finished our design after the competition deadline but still wanted to share our design - it was a great exercise and exploration in innovation and industrial design.