Picnic_For A Cause

Picnicking is a lost art--we realized after working on a picnic basket prototype and components for the DIFFA first annual Picnic By Design fundraiser. As one of 33 invited entrants, my brother and I decided to take on the project and design a kit of parts in 3 weeks. Our inspiration was the Whole Earth catalog from the late 1960s that pulled together information on useful tools and do-it-yourself attitude. Resourceful with no budget, we designed pieces from remnant metal pegboard, a tree branch, recycled local glass bottles, and old leather. Both of us share common themes in our work as designers such as an obsession with useful tools and craft and so we challenged ourselves to see what we could come up with quickly while exploring the art of picnicking. The take-away is that picnicking is fun and meaningful with more than a typical generic cooler on-hand.

CREDITS for prototypes: Julie Torres Moskovitz/FNA and Mark Moskovitz/Fiftytwothousand

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