SS+K Agency

This social engagement advertising agency has  over a decade of history on the 30th floor of the Pei Cobb Freed tower in Lower Manhattan near Wall Street. As on one of the first advertising agencies to move into this neighborhood, SSK took over a space in the late 90s that was inhabited by a financial company and inherited its partitioned private offices and mega conference rooms.   The SSK partners wanted an update and called us in to work with them. They wanted to foster a work place that allowed not only for creativity but to activate the space and allow for happenstance  and cross-pollination of ideas. We worked with them to enable a place where project teams could over hear other project campaigns and see the work pinned up to enrich the office culture.

After a collaborative design process with the partners and key staff, we established a design that permitted this vision to be implimented on a tight budget. The office is over 12,000sf of space that includes desks for a staff of over a 100, open kitchen, break-out zones for meetings, meeting islands, and small conference rooms. The pinup and dry erase walls are placed throughout the space and add both opportunity for creativity and collaboration while providing a material texture and character to the space. The 360 views of lower Manhattan, South Street Seaport, and the bridges offer an inspiring backdrop and are more visible than ever after the open space layout.

CREDITS: Team: Julie Torres Moskovitz collaboration with Melissa Cicetti (joint collaboration firm Fabrica Studio Architecture)  with Esther Chang, Jade Yang, Luis Gil, and Wade Cotton. (photos pending)

Axonometric Drawing highlighting pinup material finishes for creative team zones in the advertising agency.

Axonometric Drawing highlighting furniture break-out zones vs staff seating areas.

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